……. now I'd like you to do that. You have control.

Ease forward on the stick. (That's fine/ bit more/ not so much.)(Try to hold that attitude.)

Ease back on the stick. (That's fine/ bit more/ not so much.)

Ease forward again to get back to the normal gliding attitude.(Try to hold that attitude with the stick.) (No. Let me show you the normal gliding attitude again. I have control.)

[All the time the instructor is keeping the wings level with the rudder (secondary effect)]


AILERONS [Instructor is operating the rudder]

……. now I'd like you to do that. You have control.

Stage 1.

We'll turn to the left. Look out to make sure it's clear……. Is it clear?

OK. Look ahead over the nose.

Stick to the left…. Centralise…. Bit of back pressure. Good.

Straighten up - Stick to the right…. Centralise…….Relax the back pressure. Good.

[Obviously you need to get the timing right for this. You might want to introduce 'when the wings are level' for the last bit if you are not getting the timing right. Don't hesitate to say 'No! Look ahead' if they look sideways in the turn … they all do it!]

When they can do this OK with individual prompts go on to …

Stage 2.

From now on I'm just going to say 'Turn right…Straighten up, or Turn left…..Straighten up.' I want you to look out first and if it's clear look ahead over the nose, then move the stick to the right or left and centralise etc - just as you've already been doing. I'll only prompt if needed. (Keep turning until I tell you to straighten up.)

If they can't hack it, go back to Stage 1. If they forget to look out, grab the stick (one of the few times you're allowed to do this!) 'No! You MUST look-out before you turn' - and get them to start again.

Stage 3. You can show them how to adjust the angle of bank in a turn and then how to keep the bank constant. Before this stage keep the turns short so they don't go out of control.