on Principles of Flight

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Here are the animated slides I have used for the Principles of Flight lecturers at LGC over several years. These are probably the latest versions but I often suffer from an irresistable urge to 'improve' things at the last moment. (Called the Babbage syndrome, I think.)

Please note the slides are intended to be used in conjunction with the lectures and may not mean a lot by themselves. To prepare for the exam get a good book or two (Bronze & Beyond, The Glider Pilot's Manual etc).

To get the FULL EFFECT of the presentations use Internet Explorer and make sure to click on 'Slide Show' (bottom right) and then keep clicking to progress through the animated slides. (I guess the animations don't work in other browsers because PP is a Microsoft product.) Once you are in the Slide Show, to go backwards, right click and choose 'previous'. You may have to 'Allow blocked content' a few times depending on your security settings. To get out of the slide show use esc. To get out of the presentation do a 'back'.


PRINCIPALS OF FLIGHT 1         or Principles of Flight 1 pdf

The wing, lift and drag, turning, stalling & spinning.

PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT 2       or Princiles of Flight 2 pdf

Stability etc

THE FLIGHT ENVELOPE            or The Flight Envelope pdf


Cautionary Tales

Made easy!!!!!! .......................................................(You may need to restart your browser to get this to line up properly)

INSTRUMENTS                              or  Instruments pdf




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