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For some time I had a perfectly good, cheap & cheerful WH1081 weather station from Maplins, (of fond memory!) very much for my own entertainment.  It wasn't totally accurate or reliable and required the odd repair from time to time but I needed a new expensive Davis station like a hole in the head - but I knew I was going to buy one !  By all accounts the data from the Davis station should be pretty accurate.  But I do not leave my PC running continuously so data is updated on an infrequent and irregular basis, in spite of what it might say on the opening page. The 'realtime' gauges are probably anything but !

The fun bit to my mind is the graph display when you click on 'Trends' at the bottom: then click on the individual small graphs.  Oh, if only I had had this when I did my Senior Scout's Meteorology Badge in 1960 -  to record the classic signs of the passing of a front.  All frontal depressions were 'classic'in those days if you are old enough to remember the forecasts!

My location is between Dunstable and Tring, at the foot of the Chiltern Escarpment at approx 440 ft (135m) above sea level. The wind sensors are about 4 feet above the house chimney tops (say 30ft agl), the other sensors and  rain gauge are at about 9ft, just above the roof level of the gable end of a ground floor extension.  None of these are therefore in 'approved' positions meteorologically speaking but are arranged so that either the dog can't eat them or I can get at them for servicing without breaking my neck!

The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 with a Vantage Vue second console - also acting as the data connection for the Weathelink PC link.

I am using the Cumulus software (freeware*) available from . . (*Actually Donationware)

No forecasting is enabled. See the sites below for much better forecasts than either Cumulus or I could produce.

In the unlikely event that you find this site and should want to ask anything, email me at




If you want data on the more extreme conditions at the top of the Chilterns ridge at 755ft (230m) above sea level (often interesting by comparison) go to the Dunstable Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club's site. Good IF it's working - so check the date/time stamp!

LGC Webcams

and for webcams of the conditions at the London Gliding Club at the bottom of the escarpment use these links.  CHECK THE DATE/TIME STAMP!

Local (aviation) FORECAST

For an excellent forecast (basically gliding orientated) in this region see Andy Roch's site. Only normally available for the day from around 0700h,


and for links to many useful weather sites see Robin May's weather page.